Code of Ethics

WEG encourages the application of the guidelines of the Code of Ethics to its stakeholders, which are: related companies, suppliers, contractors, sales representatives/distributors, dealers and technical assistant’s customers, investors, community and government.
Code of Ethics have global application with versions in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Mandarin.

The conducts described in this code must be practiced by all employees and/or administrators during the performance of their jobs, and WEG commits itself to providing the necessary conditions for that to happen.

The employee and/or administrator who do not observe the code of withhold information in the course of an investigation is subject to disciplinary actions.

Whoever observes or becomes aware of violations of this code or is not sure about its meaning, intention or application must report such situations or clarify the questions promptly.

In a transparent and secure manner, the Ethics Channel establishes a form of direct, secure communication and treatment of information in absolute secrecy.

Contact is made through an independent company entirely free and specialized service to get as much information about the case without compromising your anonymity. Under no circumstances will your phone number or your computer’s IP address be identified.


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Telephone lines:
Brazi: 0800 900 4747
Mexico: 800 681 9255
USA: 1 (800) 832-4756
South Africa: 080 099 2079
Portugal: 800 180 671
Argentina: 0800-345-3119
Colombia: 01-800-5190039
Austria: 0800 232966
Spain: 900 999 342
India: 000 800 9191 225
Germany: 0800 1815112
China: 400 120 0231

Last update: October 25, 2023